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The important event, organized by the Alpine Troops Command of Bolzano, has been taking place for 87 years.
In 1931 the Army General Staff was asked to resume a military skiing event that would allow, through a competitive comparison between the best skiers trained by the Alpine units, a periodic evaluation of the progress achieved in this field. The Inspectorate of the Alpine Troops decided to organize the first interreggimental ski races of the Alpine Troops at the Passo del Tonale from 6 to 10 March 1931, with the collaboration of the 5th Alpine Regiment.
The Championships, although with different names and interruptions imposed by the war events, have assumed increasing interest and prestige. Since 1979, they have acquired an international dimension since mountain soldiers from friendly and allied countries have also taken part.
Journalistically labelled as the "Winter Olympics in Grey Green", the Alpine Troops Ski Championships perfectly combine and exalt various aspects that are the basis of the existence of the Alpine troops: training, professionalism and connection with the social reality. In fact, the term "Championship" betrays the meaning of the Ca.STA (name assumed in 1977), because the sporting values only marginally affect

The primary aim is instead to verify the level of training achieved by the departments during the winter activity, with particular regard to the ability to survive, mobility and operational efficiency in a snowy environment. And the "test" is highly significant in view of the high number of men involved in the competitions and in the technical-logistical support structures.
The typically sporting competitions, however, highlight individuality of high level, as among the "black pens" there are many FISI classified. But this does not alter the meaning of the Alpine Troops Ski Championships: agonism is the fundamental spring to form the individual fighter and make him suitable to operate in the most adverse environmental conditions.

Always a mass sport. In this sense, De Coubertin would certainly like the Alpine Troop Championships, because they translate to the letter the postulates (today inevitably conditioned by the market strategies of the "sponsors") of the modern Olympic Games. For the Alpine Troops "it is important to participate", in the truest sense of the word, and on the podium you go "for the honour of the batajon".
The races, which take place during the Alpine Troops Ski Championships, offer safe and exciting moments from every point of view. Days of "battles", which are fought fairly and enhanced by the spirit of Body and emulation that is born spon-taneamente between the Alpine departments. These are very hard comparisons both in individual tests, aimed at perfecting techniques and skills in shooting, and in collective tests of patrol and platoon tending to verify the training level of minor units in the technical-scientific and technical-tactical field.
Attending the competitions, it is clear that they are one of the most effective means to strengthen the cohesion of the departments through joint work.
Winning is therefore not only an individual affirmation, but the result of collective preparation.

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