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The Alpini Troops Ski Championship (Ca.STA) have the aim to verify the level of the training reached by the units, and at the same time to reinforce, into a  background of  serene confrontation, the ties of sportive  friendship between the friend and allied countries armies into the spirit of Partnership for Peace,  as well as with the Alpini National Association.

This important event, organized by the Alpini Command of Bolzano, is conducting from 82 years. In 1931 the Army General Staff was urged to resume a military skiing event which could permit a periodical evaluation of improvements on this field, through an agonistic comparison between the best skiers trained by the Alpini Units.

The Alpini Inspectorate organized at Tonale Pass, from 6th to 10th March 1931, with the cooperation of the 5th Alpini Regiment, the first interreggimental ski race of the Alpini Troops (GISTA).

Championships, although with different appellations and interruptions imposed by the II World War events, grown in their interest and status. From 1979 they gained an international dimension due to the participation of mountain soldiers belonging to friend and allied Countries.

Called by newspapers as "Winter Olympics Games in Grey/Green (the traditional colours of Italian Army uniforms)", the Alpini Skiing Championship perfectly combines and enhances the different aspects which are the foundation of Alpini existence: training, professionalism and connection with social reality.

Effectively, the term "Championship" deceive the meaning of Alpini Skiing Championships (Ca.STA, appellation adopted on 1977), because the sporting values are marginally interesting.

Instead, the primary goal is the verification of training level achieved by the Units during the winter activity, particularly the survival ability, the mobility and operative efficiency in a snowy environment. The "test" is highly significant in consideration of the high number of soldiers involved both in the races and technical /logistical support.

Anyway, the typically sporting competitions, highlight the high level individualities, considering the large number of "black feathers" in the ranking of the "Italian Winter Sport Federation (FISI)".

The competitiveness is the ultimate mainspring to train the combatant and make him fit for operate in unfavourable environmental conditions.


Always and anyway mass sport, in this meaning the Alpini Skiing Championships will certainly like to De Coubertin, that's why they express literally the postulate of the modern Olympics Games (nowadays conditioned by the sponsors market strategies).

For the Alpini really "the important is to attend" and they go on the podium only "for the battalion honour"

The races that are taking place during the Alpini Skiing Championship provide exciting moments from any point of view.

Days of "battles", fairly hard-fought and enhanced by the unaffected "Esprit de Corp" and emulation of the Alpini Units.

Hard contests, both in individual and collective races, aimed to improve the shooting skills and the training level of the Units in skiing, technical and tactical fields.

Spectating to the races, appears clear how they are one the means more efficient to reinforce the cohesion of the Units through a joint effort.

Victory is not only an individual achievement but also the outcome of a collective training


The Friendship Trophy is played between representatives of:

Friend and allied countries armies in the spirit of Partnership for Peace;

Alpine Training Center – Sport Activities Unit for Italy ;

Military National and Governmental Sport Groups;

Alpini National Association.

It foresees the  following competitions:

  • Giant Slalom on two manches;

  • Cross-country race -  15 km . Males and 10 km females;

  • Team sprint;

  • Patrol Race – 25 km with shooting;
  • Nocturne Ski Touring.


Alpine Gold Medal Trophy is pkayed between alla of the Alpine Troops Regiments/units representatives; it foresees the following competitions:

- Patrol race - 25 km with shooting;
- Platoon Race in three days;
- Team Sprint Race.

At every single race can also take part representatives of:
- Alpini Troops Command;
- Alpine Brigade HQs with their Brigade Support Units;
- Non - Alpine units at Regiment level (to Buffa Trophy only);
- UNUCI, Red Cross and Retired Personnel.



Italian Army Ski Championship is played between representatives of Officers, NCOs and Privates of all the commands of the Army at Regiment/Battalion level.


The foreseen competitions are:

a.  Winter Triathlon, a competition is individual that to formula relay race that foresees the carrying out of a test of running, a test of mountain bike and a test of Alpine Ski from fund to free technique valid for the attribution of the titles of: 
   ° Champion Italian of the army of Winter Triathlon; 
   ° Team Champion of the army of Winter Triathlon; 
   ° Champion Regional of Winter Triathlon;

b.   Giant Slalom, valid  for the titles of:

- Army’s Italian Champion of Alpine Ski;

- Army’s Italian Champion of Military Skiing Combined competition;

- Alpine Troops Ski Military Champion (for personnel of Alpine Troops only);


c.   Military Biathlon ( 15 km . Males and 10 km females), valid for the titles of:

- Army’s Military Biathlon Italian Champion;

- Army’s Military  Combinata Italian Champion;

- Alpine Troops Ski Military Champion (for personnel of Alpine Troops only);


d.    Nocturne ski touring; 


e.    Military Skiing individual Combined competition; its total score  is given by the sum of the partial scores of the Giant Slalom and Military Biathlon (not Nocturne ski touring).

The Platoon Race, valid to achieve the “Gold Medal Silvano BUFFA Trophy”, has the aim to evaluate the technical and tactical preparation and the ski movement ability reached by units at platoon level.

This three days long race foresees the following competitions:  

- shooting;

- grenade precision throwing;

- chronometrically fixed time downslope;

- two chronometric cross country race;

- topography;

- chronometrically fixed time 15 km upslope;

- 10 km length race;

- chronometrically fixed time 800 mt length relay trial race.


With the aim to develop a growing and much more incisive promotional action toward Army and Alpini Troops, the races calendar has been enriched introducing the “Alpine Troops Command Trophy”, part of the FIS and Italy Cup races: it’s played between Ski International Federations, Military Sport Groups and various Regional Committees, and it’s based on two Giant Slalom Races.

It’s won by the representative that has totalized the best score in the above mentioned competitions.







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